About me

I’m Joona, a 25-year-old freeskier from Finland. I started skiing when I was two years old, and it has been my biggest passion since I was nine. I love skiing because I can express my style and ideas through it, and my mind is purely in the present moment when sliding down the hill.

I lived my first years in Central Finland, where I started skiing at Himos Ski Resort. When I was five, we moved to Finnish Lapland with my family, which was a great chance to continue my hobby. New school skiing quickly caught my attention – especially after watching a Finnish freeride movie, Solid Powder 3.

I represented Finnish National Team in ski slopestyle from 2012 to 2019. In April 2014, I won the Junior World Championships in Valmalenco, Italy. I was also honored to represent Finland at the Winter Olympics in 2018. Those years were educational, but in the end, I wanted to follow a different path.

Since the 2019 World Championships, I’ve been focusing on filming ski movies and participating in innovative contests and events. Filming with friends is the best, and that’s what we do with Keesh – a crew formed during our school years at Ruka Freeski Academy. Make sure to check out our videos!

Photo by Daniel Rönnbäck